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Student Spotlight: Meet Paige Kennedy!

LKS spotlights student and alumni members that are making a difference in their chapters, in their communities, and in the field of pharmacy.
Tell us about yourself:
I am currently a P3 at University of Rhode Island. I have been apart of LKS Xi chapter since my freshman year in 2014. I am currently serving as Alumni Committee Chair. In the past, I have been Pride Committee Chair, Historian, and President of Xi Chapter. I have attended three conventions, Scranton, Atlanta and Buffalo! Convention is one of my favorite events, I am so excited for Milwaukee! I work at CVS Pharmacy and also at University of Rhode Island Health Services Pharmacy as an intern. In my free time, I love watching movies, hiking, knitting, snowboarding and I am a certified scuba diver! 
I joined LKS because:
I joined LKS my freshman year as a way to make friends. I never expected to have so much in common with all of my sisters or to become so involved in this organization. I am so grateful for the growth I was able to experience in LKS and the lifelong friendships I was able to make!
Career plans:
I am currently thinking of pursuing community pharmacy for my future career; however I am still trying to keep an open mind going into my rotations and I am excited to experience different paths of pharmacy!
Erin RogalaStudent Spotlight: Meet Paige Kennedy!