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Ethel Heath Scholarship Spotlight: Meet Caitlin Cheung!

1. What all were you involved in during your time in college? (clubs, sports, extra-curriculars, volunteering, etc)

APhA-ASP Operation Diabetes Committee Project Manager, Lambda Kappa Sigma Alpha Xi Chapter President, Phi Lambda Sigma Leadership Society, Rho Chi Honor Society (tutor, review session leader), Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Walgreens and Angkor Pharmacy Health Clinics (blood pressure/blood glucose screenings, MTM)

2. What would you consider the “perfect balance” for studying, work, sleep, and a social life?

Studying and working on weekdays, and leaving weekends free to relax/enjoy time with friends and family.

3. Did you ever have to sacrifice one of the things above to maintain such good grades?

I think the one thing I definitely had to sacrifice was sleep. I valued spending time with others and obtaining good grades highly, so I had to sacrifice a few hours in the sleep department.

4. What advice would you give your sisters about managing the stress that comes with trying to live a “balanced” life in pharmacy school?

Use your first semester of school to experiment and see what works for you! It’s all about finding the perfect balance for yourself, and that takes some time to figure out.

Erin RogalaEthel Heath Scholarship Spotlight: Meet Caitlin Cheung!