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Student Spotlight: Meet Abonee Hossain!

LKS spotlights student and alumni members that are making a difference in their chapters, in their communities, and in the field of pharmacy.
Tell us about yourself:
My name is Abonee Hossain and I am from Queens, New York. I am a second year undergraduate student at St. John’s University and a proud member of Lambda Kappa Sigma’s Alpha Pi Chapter! This year I had the honor of being sisterhood development chair which meant I got to organize events that encourage team bonding, bridge gaps between our 6th year and 1st year sisters, and even plan a sisterhood retreat. I also work at CVS Pharmacy but in my free time, I love to bake, try new cuisines with family and friends, and spend time with my sisters.
I joined LKS because:
I joined LKS because I truly believed in the power of a group of strong women. When I spotted them at the activities fair, I saw a group of beautiful and brilliant women in front of me. From there, I went to the informational meeting and I saw more about how so many women come together to support each other in pharmacy school and beyond. The more I learned about LKS the more I fell in love with the purpose and mission of this organization. I knew that I wanted to be a part of the strong sisterhood and would be eternally grateful to have a support system like that.
My most memorable LKS experience:
My most memorable LKS experience was in the spring of 2018. I remember I was having a tough time with school and family, but my line sisters had surprised me with a care package full of my favorite things. It touched my heart to see how they were thinking of me and the things they would do to see a smile on my face.
Career plans:
I would like to work as a hospital pharmacist. As experts in drug therapy, I believe pharmacists have a lot of useful knowledge that would help medical teams deliver the best possible treatment to patients. However, the biggest part of my passion for pharmacy is the patient care relationship and I look forward to exploring that at different angles through the different rotations in the future!
Erin RogalaStudent Spotlight: Meet Abonee Hossain!