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2019 Cora E. Craven Grant Recipient Spotlight: Meet Alexis Nieszczur!

Chapter: Alpha Mu

Number of years in LKS: 3

Please provide a brief summary of pharmacy school activities/organizations, including involvement in LKS. If you are an alumni member, please include your current job and professional activities.

I have been a pharmacy intern at Meijer for the past 3 years. I was formerly a teaching assistant for compounding laboratory and curriculum assessment. I am a member of Rho Chi, Phi Lambda Sigma, Alpha Chi Sigma, NCPA, Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, and a columnist for the Independent Collegian. In regards to LKS, I was corresponding secretary of Alpha Mu for two terms. In my second term, I created a Professional Writing Workshop to benefit our sisters’ professional development. On a national level, I am on social media committee and piloted the first LambtaLKS podcast presentation. I am committed to being a ‘lamb for life’ and taking on additional leadership within LKS.

What does receiving an educational grant mean to you?

Receiving an educational grant is an honor that I cannot wholly put into words. LKS, both at a national and local level, has encouraged me to be my best, try my hardest, and advocate for my profession. LKS has truly shaped me into the professional woman I am today, and I owe so much of my successes to my beloved fraternity. Having LKS recognize my accomplishments is an honor that I will never take for granted. I am very appreciative of the Trust donors who made this award possible and who have in turn significantly reduced my financial burden and allowed me to focus on being a better sister, student, and future pharmacist.

What drew you to join LKS?

I owe my decision to join LKS solely to my Big, Emily Johnson! I was adamant against joining a fraternity and she continuously encouraged me to come out to recruitment events because she saw how beneficial LKS could be for me. After that initial recruitment event, I never looked back. My only regret is that I hadn’t joined sooner!

What is your favorite LKS memory?

It is so hard to pick just one! I have attended annual conventions in Atlanta, Buffalo, and Milwaukee and those have been some of my greatest experiences with LKS. I love meeting my sisters from around the world and bonding over our sisterhood and love of LKS!

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy working out, hanging out with my pets and fiancé, and taking walks in nature. I hope to travel more in the future as well!

What are 3 fun facts about you?

1) I love animals! I have an African Sideneck turtle named Slow and a rescue cat named Luna!

2) I just got engaged on October 19!

3) I am the only person in my family with curly hair, and it makes me ‘me.’

Erin Rogala2019 Cora E. Craven Grant Recipient Spotlight: Meet Alexis Nieszczur!