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Alumni Spotlight: Meet Amy Rumanowski!

Tell us about yourself: (school, chapter, work, hobbies, LKS activities, meetings attended)

I’m a graduate from the University of Rhode Island Class of 2018 with minors in Spanish and Leadership Studies. I was initiated into Xi Chapter (University of Rhode Island) in 2012, currently an active alumni serving as Eastern Atlantic Region Supervisor and working to re-activate Xi Alumni Chapter. My hobbies include adventures with my dog Lucy, traveling, and checking out local breweries.

Meetings attended:

Boston 2013, Scranton 2016, Atlanta 2017, Buffalo 2018, Milwaukee 2019

What do you do to continue furthering your knowledge, self-development, and leadership skills?

Knowledge: I try to stay in the know by subscribing to pharmacy newsletters and keeping up with my CEs of course! I also have recently been reading books on alternative medicines in order to educate myself and help patients make safe and effective health decisions.

One thing I have realized about myself is that I am a life-long learner. I like watching documentaries and signing up for training programs. Also, I have been able to grow and develop as a professional and hone my interpersonal skills by being a leader and mentor in the teams I am a part of.

My main leadership skill is servant leadership. Basically – you have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Which of our core values (sisterhood, leadership, service, scholarship and integrity) do you feel you most strongly represent and how?

Integrity encompasses all of our core values. Being honest and ethical is the backbone of our profession and as a person I strive to lead, foster relationships and practice pharmacy with integrity.

What is one thing that LKS has helped you grow and develop in (personally, professionally, etc.)?

LKS has a network of amazing, professional women in pharmacy. As a collegiate and alumni, I know I can reach out to any sister with questions or difficult questions and be supported.

What is the best advice you could give to other members?

It doesn’t happen overnight! It takes hard work, dedication, passion and TIME to reach your goals. Oh, and don’t be afraid to reach out to our network of outstanding women in pharmacy!

If you had not chose pharmacy as your career, what would have been your second choice?

I’ve always wanted to utilize my right brain more! I have a secret passion for interior design (thanks Home Goods and Pier 1). If I did not pursue a career in pharmacy I would have loved to be an interior designer.


Erin RogalaAlumni Spotlight: Meet Amy Rumanowski!