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Student Spotlight: Meet Elisa Sandonato!

LKS spotlights student and alumni members that are making a difference in their chapters, in their communities, and in the field of pharmacy.

Tell us about yourself: (school, chapter, work, hobbies, LKS activities, meetings attended)

My name is Elisa and I am a P3 student at the University of Rhode Island. I joined LKS Xi Chapter here as a freshman and have always been extremely involved in the chapter. I’ve had the privilege of being Social Media Chair, Potential New Member Coordinator, Community Service Chair, and currently I am our chapter’s Corresponding Secretary. I work at CVS and in my free time I enjoy relaxing and hanging out with my friends. Last summer I had the privilege of attending Convention in Milwaukee, WI and had an amazing time getting to know sisters from other chapters and learning more about involvement with LKS on a national level. I am hoping to pursue a residency either in a community or hospital setting after graduation and ultimately would like to work in either community or ambulatory care.

Which of our core values (sisterhood, leadership, service, scholarship and integrity) do you feel you most strongly represent and how?

I feel that I most strongly represent the core value of sisterhood through some of the past positions I have held in our chapter. As social media chair and now as corresponding secretary I have had the opportunity to work with other members of our chapter to facilitate sisterhood as well as feature some of our sisterhood on our chapter website. Also, through my role as PNM Coordinator I had the opportunity to be a mentor to many of the new members in the chapter to assist them with getting involved in our sisterhood, help them form connections and find their bigs, and educate them about what we do in LKS.

What pharmacy or LKS related events are you looking forward to in this upcoming year?

I am most excited for ASHP Midyear in New Orleans this December. Since I cannot attend this year’s convention, I am excited to see some of my sisters in LKS as well as reconnect with everyone from URI that I will see at the meeting as well. I had the privilege of attending the 2019 Midyear in Las Vegas and found it to be a fun as well as educational experience. I am excited to learn more this year and can’t wait to explore New Orleans!

What is your favorite chapter/school tradition?

My favorite chapter tradition is our end of the year banquet where we honor our P4s and send off the P3s that are going on rotations. The P4s and P3s go out to brunch in the morning and then they join the rest of the chapter for lunch where we look back on the year’s successes and give out superlatives and other awards. Then we do our P3 send-off where all of the littles read letters to their bigs going on rotations about all the memories and good times they’ve had together. At the end of the day, we present the P4s with their graduation cords and announce their future plans. It’s always a great day, especially to reconnect with all the older sisters who were just on rotations.

Who do you see as your role model in LKS and why?

I have looked up to so many of my sisters in LKS, but my biggest role model was one of the PNM Coordinators when I was a freshman, Kim. She was one of the first upperclassmen in LKS that I got to know and seeing how successful she was is what inspired me to stay involved in LKS throughout the years. I ultimately ended up running for PNM coordinator with her help and I owe a lot of my successes to her constant support.

What makes you excited to be a ‘lamb for life?’

I am most excited to be a ‘lamb for life’ because I admire all of our alumni who have done such amazing things in their pharmacy careers. I also love everything that LKS stands for and the large amount of opportunities that exist for us to stay involved as alumni. I hope to always be as involved in LKS as I am right now as a colligate member.

Erin RogalaStudent Spotlight: Meet Elisa Sandonato!