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Student Spotlight: Meet Sarah Das

Tell us about yourself: (school, chapter, work, hobbies, LKS activities, meetings attended, career plans)
I am currently a PharmD major at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, (yess, I’m trying to get that Doctorate!). I am currently the LKS – Alpha Chapter’s Chaplain, and I love my position so incredibly much! Aside from LKS, I am a pharmacy intern at Massachusetts General Hospital. I’m really interested in expanding my career path in all areas of pharmacy – I think the idea of diversifying my experiences is bound to bring me on some crazy adventures. Some of my hobbies include writing (fun fact – I’ve written over 100 stories), singing, reading, and going on adventures to Cinnabon (my favorite bakery of all time).

Which of our core values (sisterhood, leadership, service, scholarship and integrity) do you feel you most strongly represent and how?
Sisterhood – 100%. I actually oriented just last year and yet in the span of the few months I’ve been here, I’ve found myself so closely connected to our sisterhood. Even before becoming Chaplain, I really enjoyed interviewing my sisters and getting to know them. I even went on a cute Galentine’s date with some of them, only weeks after we met! When I eventually got elected as Chaplain, I found myself connecting to sisters and really enjoying their company. They tend to be the reason I smile, and I’ll forever be grateful for that.

What pharmacy or LKS related events are you looking forward to in this upcoming year?
Founder’s Day! I’m so excited to be the one presenting the traditions for our special day. I’m also really excited for the “Light the Night” walk because I believe the mission is so powerful.

What is your favorite chapter/school tradition?
Big/Little Day! It’s always nice to appreciate those in your family tree. Speaking of which, shoutout out to my tree – love you guys!

Who do you see as your role model in LKS and why?
There are many sisters that I’ve really been inspired by and I am forever grateful for them. There is however one sister I would like to give a special shoutout to: Jennie Elizabeth Xie (Alpha Chapter’s current President)

She is a role model for me, but she’s also my biggest supporter. Working with her on the eboard this year has been quite an adventure, but I’ve found that we’ve become closer than I would’ve ever anticipated. Her love, passion, and dedication for LKS are what drive my own. She inspires me to speak my mind, to take an active role in our organization, and to be the best version of myself here. We often joke that we both can’t wait to come back to LKS Convention, years from now, laughing and joking around like we do in the present. I can’t wait to share those memories with her… and to make many more along the way.
What makes you excited to be a ‘lamb for life?’

Life is a journey filled with so many experiences. I think for a long time, I was on an adventure to figure out where I truly belonged. There were so many moments when I wasn’t sure, and I doubted myself a lot. However, one day on this journey of mine, I stumbled across this organization and fumbled my way in. There wasn’t a single moment when I really knew, but I felt it building up all along the way. What, you ask? What did I feel?
I felt like I finally belonged.
I’m so happy to be here – truly. I love that I can call myself a “lamb for life.” As much has LKS given to me already, I can’t wait to return it by a tenfold.
Erin RogalaStudent Spotlight: Meet Sarah Das