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Student Spotlight: Meet Morgan Martinson

Tell us about yourself: (school, chapter, work, hobbies, LKS activities, meetings attended, career plans)
I am a PY3 at Duquesne University where I proudly serve as the Tau Chapter President.  I am a pharmacy intern at Heritage Valley Kennedy in McKees Rocks, PA.  I love hiking on the weekends with my friends and taking spin classes during the week before school. I love participating in many of the events that our committees work so hard to create like virtual movie nights, trivia or bingo with alumni, and coffee dates to get to know the new members.  I learned so much about being a responsible leader at convention this past summer, but my favorite part of the whole meeting was when Tau chapter was announced the Collegiate Chapter of the Year!  After graduation, I plan to pursue a residency in ambulatory care near Pittsburgh, PA so I can remain close to my friends and family.

Which of our core values (sisterhood, leadership, service, scholarship and integrity) do you feel you most strongly represent and how?
The core value I feel that I most strongly represent is leadership.  The semester after I joined LKS, I ran for a committee position and ended up being elected to chair the recruitment committee.  I then was nominated and elected to be a new member coordinator where I learned how much I love teaching and mentoring others.  This position was extremely rewarding. I knew that after creating strong bonds with over 50 new members, I needed to continue being involved in LKS, so I ran for Tau chapter president.  I absolutely love being the president of this group of women because I get to collaborate, problem-solve, and learn from the other amazing leaders in our organization.  I feel that my role is to encourage our members to not only grow in the organization but also to evolve into young professionals who will be the leaders in pharmacy in the future.  I am grateful that LKS has given me the opportunity to emerge as a leader, and I look forward to continuing my involvement as a member of the national membership committee.

What pharmacy or LKS related events are you looking forward to in this upcoming year?
I am most looking forward to our 5th Year Brunch in the spring.  At this event, we will be able to celebrate all the wonderful accomplishments that this group of ladies has achieved.  Our 5th years are some of the most hardworking, intelligent, talented, and generous group of women that I have ever met, and they deserve to be recognized.  They will receive shout-outs from their fellow sisters before they leave to put all their knowledge to the test on rotations.  I am very proud of them and cannot wait to see all the amazing things they will do as lambs for life.

What is your favorite chapter/school tradition?
My favorite tradition is Tau Chapter’s Lambsgiving. Although it may look different this year, I love celebrating our special sisterhood with some delicious Thanksgiving food. I am so grateful for our chapter and the effort that our members put into each event to make us all feel special and connected

Who do you see as your role model in LKS and why?
My biggest role models in LKS are Carla Daniel, Alli Tempo, and Breann Saxberg.  I met all these wonderful women through LKS and have had them by my side since the moment I joined.  Not only have they given me numerous pep talks, but they have been there to challenge me to be my best self, to grow as a future pharmacist, and to be the best leader I can be.  I am eternally grateful for all these women who have shown great leadership and dedication to Tau chapter, and I am excited to continue working hard to make them proud.  

What makes you excited to be a ‘lamb for life?’
I am most excited to be a lamb for life because I know that no matter where my career takes me, I will always have women supporting and advocating for me.  The group of ladies that I have made connections with inside Tau chapter and the organization is lifelong.  I have met my best friends, helped to mentor younger women, and grown as a person and professional all thanks to this wonderful organization.  I am excited to continue growing and mentoring others through LKS so that they also want to be a lamb for life.

Thank you again for this amazing opportunity, and I appreciate you and your committee for selecting me.  I have attached 3 different pictures of myself because I wasn’t sure what type of picture you were looking for — feel free to pick the one that fits best!  Please do not hesitate to paraphrase or take out information if I overelaborate.  If there is anything else that you need, let me know!  Thank you again! 
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