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Celebrating Excellence: Darby Hobbs Receives the 2023 Lambda Kappa Sigma Collegiate of the Year Award

It is with immense pride and admiration that we announce Darby Hobbs as the recipient of the prestigious Collegiate of the Year Award—an accolade that recognizes her exceptional leadership, boundless dedication, and steadfast commitment to the core values of LKS.

Darby’s journey with the Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy Fraternity has been a testament to her outstanding leadership skills and her enduring dedication to our shared values. She faced an audacious challenge, starting a chapter from the ground up, bringing the spirit of LKS to a college campus where no reference point for our organization existed. This daunting task did not deter Darby; instead, she embraced it with enthusiasm, determination, and a vision that exceeded expectations.

In the inaugural year on campus, Beta Delta, under Darby’s remarkable leadership, achieved a significant feat by winning the “New Organization of the Year” award. This accomplishment stands as a testament to her ability to inspire and lead, turning a nascent idea into a thriving, successful reality. It has been an honor for her Region Supervisor, Carrie Batty, and the entire LKS community to witness this remarkable transformation.

Darby’s passion for what LKS represents goes beyond the chapter. She actively participates in numerous leadership roles within student executive committees, student government associations, APhA-ASP, and SSHP. Her commitment to service is further underscored by her induction into PLS (Phi Lambda Sigma), a recognition reserved for individuals who exemplify outstanding leadership in pharmacy.

Beyond her academic and Fraternity commitments, Darby gives back to her community in meaningful ways. She organizes events to raise funds and awareness for charities, dedicating her time to support underserved populations in St. Louis through regular volunteering at a local health clinic. Balancing these philanthropic efforts with a rigorous schedule, Darby worked as a pharmacy intern at SLU Hospital and Siteman Cancer Center, served as a tutor on campus, and boasts an impressive record of making the Dean’s List for six consecutive semesters.

Darby’s embodiment of LKS values in every facet of her life and career, her commitment to her community, and her dedication to Lambda Kappa Sigma make her the epitome of what the Collegiate of the Year Award represents. Her accomplishments, her leadership, and her genuine desire to make a positive impact on the world around her make her the perfect recipient of this prestigious recognition.

As we come together to honor Darby Hobbs, let us celebrate her as a shining star in the Lambda Kappa Sigma community. Her dedication, her leadership, and her enduring commitment to our shared values set an inspiring example for all of us. Darby’s achievements, her contributions to the field of pharmacy, and her dedication to her community mark her as an exceptional and deserving recipient of the Collegiate of the Year Award—a true embodiment of the spirit of the Lambda Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

Erin RogalaCelebrating Excellence: Darby Hobbs Receives the 2023 Lambda Kappa Sigma Collegiate of the Year Award