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Celebrating Excellence: Marcia Harms Receives the Lambda Kappa Sigma 2023 Distinguished Service Citation

In the realm of lifelong dedication and unwavering commitment to the Lambda Kappa Sigma Fraternity, one alumna stands out as an exceptional example of service and inspiration. It is with immense pride and admiration that we announce Marcia Harms as the recipient of the esteemed Lambda Kappa Sigma Distinguished Service Citation—an award designed to honor outstanding alumni members for their exceptional contributions to our beloved Fraternity.

Marcia’s journey in the Fraternity began with her pharmacy degree from Butler University’s Phi Chapter in 1964. Her passion for pharmacy has been steadfast, but it’s her tireless dedication to Lambda Kappa Sigma that has truly set her apart.

Family, community, and service have been the cornerstones of Marcia’s life. As a devoted mother and grandmother, she knows the importance of nurturing and building connections. This spirit extends to her role within our Fraternity, where she has been instrumental in keeping the Alumni chapter vibrant and engaged.

A pivotal moment in her legacy of service occurred when Grand President, Lu Shawna Lawson, shared these heartfelt words, “I first encountered Marcia in 2005. As the Alumni Supervisor, I witnessed her unwavering commitment to welcoming new members, making them feel at home, and fostering a sense of unity within the Phi Alumni Chapter. Her actions truly encapsulate the essence of what it means to be a Lambda Kappa Sigma member.”

What truly sets Marcia apart is her openness to new ideas and her unflagging support for our Fraternity’s goals. At 82 years young, she embodies the spirit of embracing change and growth, inspiring those around her to strive for continuous improvement.

Beyond her local chapter involvement, Marcia’s dedication has a far-reaching impact. Her pivotal role in the planning and execution of the 2022 Annual Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, showcased her commitment to the Fraternity’s success at a broader level. Her selflessness in taking on such responsibilities reflects the true essence of the Distinguished Service Citation.

As we come together to honor Marcia Harms with this award, we celebrate her remarkable legacy of service, mentorship, and commitment to the Lambda Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Her dedication has enriched our community, creating a path for future generations of pharmacists to follow. Through her actions, she exemplifies the values that make our Fraternity strong—a true testament to the power of a lifelong commitment to service, growth, and the shared bond that brings us all together.

Please join us in recognizing Marcia for her outstanding service, and in celebrating her as a shining example of what it means to be a Lambda Kappa Sigma alumni member. Her contributions will continue to inspire us as we work to advance the Fraternity, the pharmacy profession, and the well-being of our communities.

Erin RogalaCelebrating Excellence: Marcia Harms Receives the Lambda Kappa Sigma 2023 Distinguished Service Citation