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Shining a Light on Hazing Awareness Week 2023

In the spirit of fostering a safe and inclusive environment within the Lambda Kappa Sigma sisterhood, we are proud to stand up against hazing and participate in Hazing Awareness Week 2023. Our commitment to the Fraternity motto, “Esse Quam Videri,” which means to be rather than seem to be, drives us to live out our values authentically and tackle the issue of hazing head-on.

Why Hazing Awareness Week Matters

Hazing remains a significant issue across campuses and organizations, and Lambda Kappa Sigma is dedicated to ensuring that our members are aware of the consequences and dangers associated with it. Hazing can take various forms, from physical harm and emotional distress to long-lasting psychological effects. By participating in Hazing Awareness Week, we not only take a stand against hazing but also contribute to the broader effort to eradicate this harmful practice from our society completely.

Our Commitment to a Hazing-Free Environment

Lambda Kappa Sigma has prioritized creating an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and safe for all of our members. Our commitment to a hazing-free sisterhood is unwavering, and we aim to uphold this commitment by actively participating in Hazing Awareness Week.

Throughout this week, we encourage our sisters to engage in open and honest conversations about hazing, its implications, and ways to prevent it. We believe that education is a powerful tool for change, and by spreading awareness, we hope to eradicate hazing practices and lead by example. 

Ways to Get Involved

Here are some ways you can actively participate in Hazing Awareness Week:

  1. Review Code of Conduct: Use this week as an opportunity/reminder to review and sign the Lambda Kappa Sigma Code of Conduct and Statement on Hazing.
  2. Promote Open Discussions: This time of year is when most of our chapters are going through recruitment and orientation of new members. Be sure to promote a safe environment within your chapter by sharing Lambda Kappa Sigma’s Statement on Hazing, and encourage new members to provide feedback about their new member experience with chapter leaders. 
  3. Embrace Empathy and Hospitality: When planning events for new members, ensure that they are inclusive and take into account the diverse interests and needs of our members. Empathy in event planning means creating opportunities for everyone to enjoy and feel included.
  4. See Something, Say Something: If you witness any behavior during events on your campus that goes against our values or may indicate hazing, remember to speak up and report it.
  5. Take the Hazing Prevention Pledge: We invite all our members to take the Hazing Prevention Pledge from the Hazing Prevention Network website. See below for the link!
  6. Share How Your Chapter is Participating in Hazing Awareness Week: How does your chapter embody the Fraternity Motto, “Esse Quam Videri?” Share how your chapter incorporates empathy, hospitality, and inclusivity into your recruitment and orientation practices by sending an email to 



Hazing Awareness Week 2023 is a powerful reminder of our commitment to a hazing-free Lambda Kappa Sigma, aligning perfectly with our Fraternity motto, “Esse Quam Videri.” By actively participating in this week and authentically embodying our values, we can continue to create a sisterhood that is built on trust, respect, and living our motto, “to be rather than seem to be.”

Let us stand together, as sisters, to say #NoMoreHazing and work towards a future where all members of Lambda Kappa Sigma feel safe, valued, and empowered.

Join us in making a difference during Hazing Awareness Week 2023!

Erin RogalaShining a Light on Hazing Awareness Week 2023