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LKS Sister Spotlight- Meet Maddie Culina!

Lambda Kappa Sigma is more than an organization—it’s a community that thrives on the unique stories, achievements, and shared experiences of its members. Sisterhood Spotlights, a special series curated by LKS, is our way of shining a light on the exceptional women who contribute to the vibrancy and success of our Fraternity. Today, we turn the spotlight onto Maddie Culina, a fifth-year powerhouse from the University of Rhode Island.

Getting to Know Maddie: 

Maddie’s LKS journey commenced in 2019 when she joined our sisterhood through her initiation into Xi Chapter. Since then, she has not only grown academically but has also forged bonds that will last a lifetime. Currently serving as one of the Alumni Committee chairs, Maddie plays a vital role in connecting collegiate sisters with alumni mentors, facilitating valuable conversations about career paths in pharmacy.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Maddie wears multiple hats, working at both Hannaford Pharmacy and Kent Hospital. Her passion for the profession extends into her free time, where she enjoys the great outdoors and spends quality moments with her lively companion, Ollie, a three-year-old yellow lab.

Why Lambda Kappa Sigma?

When asked why she chose to join LKS, Maddie emphasizes the warm and welcoming environment fostered by her Xi sisters. The inclusive atmosphere drew her in from day one, making Lambda Kappa Sigma the perfect fit for her academic and personal growth.

Favorite Part of Membership: Building Lifelong Friendships

For Maddie, the heart of her Lambda Kappa Sigma experience lies in the friendships she has cultivated. These connections extend not only within her chapter but also across the nation, thanks to events like the National Convention (a special shoutout to Alpha Phi!). The bonds formed within LKS have become a cornerstone of support and camaraderie throughout her pharmacy school journey.

Most Beneficial Aspect of Involvement: Networking and Mentorship

The Fraternity’s network has proven to be a valuable resource for Maddie. Connecting with older sisters and alumni, many of whom are practicing pharmacists, has provided her with insights, guidance, and a strong support system. The mentorship she has received within LKS has been instrumental in navigating the challenges of pharmacy school and envisioning a successful future in the field.

Future Aspirations: Pursuing Excellence in Pharmacy

As Maddie approaches graduation, her sights are set on a hospital residency. While her current interests lie in infectious disease and pediatrics, she is eager to explore the diverse realms of pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma has equipped her with the skills, knowledge, and a network of support to embark on this exciting next chapter of her career.

In closing, Maddie Culina exemplifies the spirit of Lambda Kappa Sigma, showcasing the dedication, camaraderie, and passion that define our organization. As we continue to elevate women in pharmacy, stories like Maddie’s inspire and encourage future generations of pharmacists.

Stay tuned for more spotlights on our phenomenal sisters, as Lambda Kappa Sigma continues to make waves in the world of pharmacy!

Erin RogalaLKS Sister Spotlight- Meet Maddie Culina!