Alumni Member Benefits

How do Alumni Stay Involved After Graduation?

Alumni members sustain the Fraternity and provide long-term growth and stability. It is from this group that national leaders emerge, both within the Fraternity and throughout our profession. Within the Fraternity, alumni members serve in leadership roles on the Grand Council, on standing committees, as alumni chapter officers and as collegiate chapter advisers.

Leaders in pharmacy are represented across the full spectrum of pharmacy practice, administration and education by distinguished LKS alumni members in communities across North America.

LKS educational programs enhance professional development, with an emphasis on women’s health issues. Continuing education credits are readily available, allowing members to serve patients knowledgeably and with confidence. In addition, annual awards recognize member excellence in leadership, community service and professional achievement.



Some more Alumni benefits that Lambda Kappa Sigma offers are:

-Mentorship Programs

-Networking with other pharmacists in your field

-Job postings from around the country

-Long lasting friendships

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