Change Chapter Mailing Address

How To Update Chapter Mailing Address

In order for your chapter to receive new member pins, certificates and other mailings from the Fraternity, it’s important that the chapter mailing address on file is kept up to date. Inaccurate information will cause delays in mailings.

To view and change your chapter mailing address:

  1. Log into the Member Portal.
  2. Under “My Membership”, click on your chapter name.
  3. Under “Other Information”, verify that your chapter’s current mailing address is correct.
  4. If the address is incorrect, scroll down to “Chapter Leader Tasks” and click “Update Chapter Information.” Don’t have access? Please email
  5. Under “Other Information”, enter a valid mailing address. Be sure to indicate to whom mail should be addressed. Please include a “valid until” date so that we know we have the most up-to-date information for your chapter. NOTE: Do not remove “Lambda Kappa Sigma-Your Chapter Name” from the address.
  6. Save.
Erin RogalaChange Chapter Mailing Address