Chapter Obligations to the Fraternity

Chapter Responsibilities

The strength of the Fraternity is derived from its close connection with the members of the local chapters, where its mission is carried out. Conversely, the strength of the local chapter and members comes from the Fraternity’s collective effort to serve, educate and lead with adherence to the highest standards in the pharmacy profession.

Each chapter is responsible for knowing their obligation to the Fraternity. Obligations include:

  • Recruiting members annually and processing new initiates within 30 days of initiation.
  • Paying the Convention Delegate Fee for the next year’s Convention by November 1.
    • Note: The Convention Delegate Fee is reimbursed to chapters in attendance at Convention. The fee does not cover the convention registration fee. Chapter delegates must still register and pay for Convention.
  • Having returning members pay dues by November 1 in order for the members to remain active and receive member benefits.
  • Reviewing annually with members the Risk Management Policy, Code of Conduct and Statement on Hazing in Important Documents and Forms.
  • Submitting required forms and reports by the indicated deadlines. See the Fraternity Calendar.
  • Reviewing chapter bylaws each fall and revising them to reflect changes made to the Fraternity Bylaws at Convention.
  • Observing the Fraternity holidays.
  • Adhering to the Rituals of the Fraternity. View the Ritual Manual in Important Documents and Forms.
  • Maintaining permanent record books and files.

For more information, review Article III, section 3 of the Fraternity Bylaws, Section VI of the Policy & Procedures Manual and the Fraternity Calendar.

Erin RogalaChapter Obligations to the Fraternity