Fraternity & Faculty Advisors

Fraternity and Faculty Advisors serve as great resource for collegiate chapters.

According to our Fraternity Bylaws, each chapter must elect a Fraternity Adviser. A Faculty Adviser may be appointed if required by the school of pharmacy. The chapter must vote on their Fraternity and Faculty Advisors every year. The Fraternity/Faculty Adviser should advise the chapter on operations, tasks and assist with problem-solving. They also need to audit the chapters finances once a year.

A Fraternity Adviser is someone who is a member in good standing with the Fraternity. They are allowed to come to meetings and rituals and has voting power.

A Faculty Adviser is someone who is employed by the college or university that is affiliated with the chapter. Unless the Faculty Adviser is a member, they have no voting power and cannot attend secret meetings or events. A Faculty Adviser can always be initiated as an Alumni member to become a sister of Lambda Kappa Sigma.

If you do not have a Fraternity Adviser, please contact your Region Supervisor for assistance.

Erin RogalaFraternity & Faculty Advisors