Officer Elections & Transitions

Officer Elections

  • According to the Fraternity Bylaws, each chapter should elect a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer (or secretary/treasurer) and other offices as specified in each chapter’s own bylaws. Click here for Sample Chapter Bylaws.
  • Officer Elections must be held according to correct Parliamentary Procedures and should be outlined in chapter bylaws
  • Only sisters in good standing can vote. Sisters who are in good standing but not present at the time of the election should be given a chance to vote.
  • After elections, you need to notify your Region Supervisor and GVPC as well as your Fraternity and Faculty Advisors. An updated Officer Roster Form will also need to be submitted to Headquarters.

Officer Transition

  • The success to any officer installation starts with setting up a meeting between the outgoing and incoming officers to exchange the officer binders or flash drives. (The meeting must take place after the installation of the officers but before the incoming officers’ first official meeting.) The binders or flash drives should contain but are not limited to:
    • Chapter and Fraternity bylaws
    • Officer and member rosters
    • Officer job description and duties
    • Fraternity calendar
    • Fraternity and officer-related due dates
    • Event timelines
    • Meeting minutes
  • At the end of the semester/year, each officer should complete the End-of-the-Semester Form, summarizing any events planned, costs associated with events, attendance at events and a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) analysis of the events. This will not only aid in the completion of the Collegiate Chapter Annual Report but will aid the incoming officers in future decision making.


Erin RogalaOfficer Elections & Transitions