Processing New Initiates

How To Process New Initiates

New initiates are responsible for creating their own accounts in the LKS Member Portal. Chapter leaders, please read this information carefully!

Please Note: If you already have an account in the LKS Member Portal, please do not create another account. Questions? Please email HQ at

Before You Begin

Before you have new initiates create their accounts in the Member Portal, chapter leaders need to confirm the new member initiation date. The new initiates will need to enter their initiation date when creating their account. This will be their official initiation date and will be printed on the new member certificates.

How to Process New Initiates

  1. During a chapter meeting (at least three weeks prior to the scheduled initiation date) have all new initiates bring their laptops or tablets to set up their own profiles in the LKS member portal together.
  2. Log into the LKS Member Portal (Or from, click on My Account.)
  3. Select “Become a Member.” Under “New to this Site,” enter your name, email, and school postal code.
  4. Create a password.
  5. You will be prompted to enter your preferred phone number, permanent address, initiation date, and graduation year.
  6. Select “Student Initiate Fee.”
  7. Select your chapter from the drop-down menu.
  8. Continue to Payment Page. You may choose the “Pay With a New Credit/Debit Card” or the “Pay With Your Checking Account” option. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction.
  9. When all new initiates have been entered into the LKS Member Portal and have paid the initiation fee, please fill out the following form to order new member materials.

HQ will send membership pins and order certificates, which will be mailed to the chapter address on file. (Verify your chapter mailing address)

Questions? Contact HQ at

Erin RogalaProcessing New Initiates