Chapter Resources: Recruitment & Orientation Timeline

Step 1: Recruitment

  • Can last a few weeks up to a whole semester (based on school requirements)
  • Use the time to introduce PNMs to LKS, what we stand for, etc.

Step 2: Bids or Invitations

  • Your chapter can decide who to extend a bid to join LKS.

Step 3: Induction Ceremony

  • Marks the beginning of Orientation.
  • No Orientation activities should occur before this point.
  • PNMs should be given the New Member Pin and other materials needed for the Orientation period after the ceremony.

Step 4: Orientation

  • PNMs should meet with sisters on a regular basis to learn about LKS, the chapter, fraternity structure, etc.
  • Use the standard orientation guide/”New Member Experience” as a guide to help PNMs learn.

Step 5: Sunrise Ceremony

  • Held at the half way point of Orientation
  • Used to evaluate whether a PNM would like to continue with the Orientation process
  • Ceremony does not need to be held at sunrise!

Step 6: Initiation Ceremony

  • Marks the end of Orientation and the beginning of a PNMs full LKS membership.
  • PNMs can now learn our secrets and password.
  • Process the PNMs with Headquarters.
  • Must be performed within 30 days of the end of Orientation.
Erin RogalaChapter Resources: Recruitment & Orientation Timeline