Chapter Spotlight: Alpha Mu

Get to Know Alpha Mu Chapter!

The Alpha Mu chapter has had a very successful year!  Our chapter has grown exponentially following the initiation of 39 new lambs to our chapter this past fall!  We are so excited for all of the individual strengths and talents that each new sister brings to our chapter, and we see nothing but bright futures ahead!

We recently celebrated a milestone achievement in our fundraising efforts: a popcorn sale with Popcornopolis resulted in over $900 profit! We applaud the efforts of our fundraising chairs and our members’ selling success.  We look forward to being able to help offset the cost and send more of our sisters to Buffalo for convention this summer.

A professional event that has been very successful for us is our awesome relationship with the local Boys and Girls Club.  Our sisters attend the Boys and Girls club after-school program multiple times a semester and do activities and presentations on different health and career topics.  The children love our presence and greet us with hugs! As an added benefit, our sisters in the professional division can also receive IPPE elective credit for their participation.  This past holiday season, our chapter held a coloring book and crayon drive and were able to donate holiday gifts to all of the children. We are very grateful for our relationship with the Boys and Girls Club and look forward to working with them more.

Our sisters consistently live up to LKS’ values.  Here’s how:


This semester, we initiated Sisterhood Interest Groups! Separate subgroups of chapter members split off according to their interests (working out, baking, crafting, reading, etc.) and meet regularly to bond over their common interests! This has been a great way for us to get to know other members in our chapter that we may not regularly talk to.


In February, our Standards chair hosted our first-ever scholarship dinner!  Sisters who made it on President’s or Dean’s list in the past semester were invited to a dinner to celebrate their accomplishments, complete with a “smart cookie!” cookie cake!  Talk about motivational!


Our Service chairs worked hard to put on our annual Girl Scout event.  We hosted local troops and helped the girls earn their First Aid badge! This event is always a hit for our sisters and the Girl Scouts alike,


Our executive board meetings remain open to all chapter and we have initiated an online anonymous suggestion box, so girls have numerous ways to ensure that their concerns are heard!


We are proud of the diversity of our members!  Many of our sisters hold leadership positions not just in LKS but in other organizations on campus.  We are always happy to support the endeavors of our sisters and regularly post to our “sisterhood” page ways to support our members’ other interests!

Erin RogalaChapter Spotlight: Alpha Mu