Chapter Spotlight: Alpha Phi Alumni

Get to Know Alpha Phi Alumni Chapter!

LKS Award: 2016 Alumni Chapter of the Year Award

Our alumni chapter reactivated about two years ago and won Alumni Chapter of the Year at the 2016 convention. Even though we

were all in the Alpha Phi collegiate chapter at Wilkes University, our members are now spread out all over the country, which makes our chapter unique. Being that we are not in the same geographic region, it is challenging to hold events, but we have found a way to make it work for us. We have had conference calls for meetings to catch up and to come up with goals and activities for the year. Our goal is to support the collegiate chapter in any way possible.

How do you keep sisters involved and engaged?

Being that our chapter members are not close geographically, it is challenging. However, we try to stay in touch during the year through conference calls, emails, events and conferences. We were recently able to recruit more new graduates, which is exciting! Our ultimate goal is to serve as a resource and support system to the collegiate chapter. That is ultimately what keeps our members involved.

What is your most popular event?

Our most popular event is the “Life after Pharmacy School” discussion with the collegiate chapter. We have held this event twice, and it has been quite successful! The event is held via conference call for those who are out of the area, and local members are invited to attend live on campus. The alumni give a brief introduction of who they are and their career path. Then it is an open forum for the collegiate members to ask any questions that they have. Being that our alumni chapter is diverse in their career paths, it is a great opportunity for the students to hear a variety of perspectives. We also try to attend the collegiate chapter’s annual holiday party, banquet and LKS ceremonies whenever possible. We are also in the process of developing a mentoring program.

How does your chapter meet the Core Values of LKS?

Our chapter has been increasing membership and holding events with the collegiate chapter in order to keep the sisterhood alive. Through the mentoring program that we are developing, we will be working on the Core Values of scholarship and service. Although we have not had any formal alumni service events, our individual chapter members participate in service activities on their own, which is very encouraging and sets a good example for all. Several of our members hold positions on committees and on Grand Council. They are also leaders outside of LKS through various organizations and in the general world of pharmacy practice.

Erin RogalaChapter Spotlight: Alpha Phi Alumni