Chapter Spotlight: Alpha Psi

Get to Know Alpha Psi Chapter!

School: Univ. of New England

Our chapter was chartered April 27, 2013, and is still growing as we continue to establish ourselves at the University of New England in Portland, Maine. Currently the chapter consists of about 40 amazing and talented future pharmacists. Among UNE’s faculty, we have three Lambs, including our amazing Dean Gayle Brazeau. She has shown us continued support as we stretch our wings and learn to be better healthcare providers. In addition, we would not have been able to grow without the help of our many faculty advisors (Dr. Lisa Pagnucco, Dr. Erin Koepf and Dr. Deborah Sturpe). Although Dr. Deborah Sturpe is not a Lamb by title, she is certainly one in our hearts for all the support she has given us this past year as she has stepped up to the plate as our new advisor.

Due to our young age, we are still establishing our traditions but one tradition remains clear. If anything could be said of Alpha Psi Lambs, it is that we are resilient and dedicated. Our path over the last few years has been rocky, but we have grown and banded together to overcome each hurdle that we’ve encountered. Each member has put in a countless amount of effort, which has led to other members becoming more passionate about LKS.

What is your best fundraising event?

Our best fundraising event to date would be the HOPE waLKS event we held in fall 2016 that brought in just under $500. For the size of our school and this being our first major fundraiser, this was an incredible feat. Our multi-talented members put on an additional bake sale and created a video detailing why we walk. There was a good deal of support from faculty and family alike as we worked to put on the event.

How does your chapter meet the Core Values of LKS?

We put a high value on being open and honest with ourselves as well as with each other. We have learned that if you can’t admit that something is wrong, there is definitely something wrong! Keeping open lines of communication by using a variety of methods has been key to getting tasks done and ensuring as much satisfaction within the chapter as possible.

In addition to our five-member executive board and five chair positions, we have several student leaders in our chapter who participate in other organizations. We support them in their endeavors as we realize that it is tricky trying to balance a leadership position, academics and perhaps a job. We highly encourage each other to step up and take the initiative if a member feels strongly enough about their suggestion. We like to see each other become a leader without a title or perk because pet projects can quickly become big confidence boosters.

Occasionally each class goes through periods that are full of exams, and Lambs that are further along in the curriculum enjoy sharing study tools that helped them succeed. This enables material to remain fresh in our minds and make sure that our upcoming members are well prepared for what to expect on each exam or section of material.

Although we may not personally put on several community service projects, we support our sisters as they partake in events with the other organizations they are involved in. The favorite one that we have done would be the Ugly Sweater Day that we put on this year to support our local charity, Crossroads for Women.

Over the years, we have been through a multitude of obstacles, but each time we band together to make the most of the situation. We like to support one another and brag to our friends/family about our crazy little corner of the school. Alpha Psi likes to open meetings with “Highs and Lows” to get members to relax and to open up to each other so that we feel connected despite the craziness going on around us.

Erin RogalaChapter Spotlight: Alpha Psi