Chapter Spotlight: Alpha

Get to Know Alpha Chapter!

School: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

LKS was founded at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston on October 14, 1913, making us Alpha Chapter. It was all thanks to nine intelligent ladies who started a luncheon club that developed into a professional women’s pharmacy fraternity. Currently, our chapter is organizing events for this upcoming year, including a successful Founder’s Day, a Zumba-thon for Project HOPE, recruiting new members, and keeping up on historical events. This includes events such as Dining for Women, taking part in Light the Night, and ice skating at Frog Pond. We are combining past, successful events with some new ideas to keep the year interesting.

How do you keep your members involved and engaged?

Alpha Chapter keeps sisters involved and engaged by taking an interest in other clubs and organizations that our sisters are part of and combining them with our own ideas. We have just recently set up committees to promote sharing of ideas and to help each officer with their duties for the year. This also provides an opportunity for younger members to plan events and develop leadership skills.

What is your most popular event?

Our most popular event is Dining for Women. This event has been repeated each semester over the last few years because it provides sisters a chance to get together to talk about different issues in women’s health around the world. When sisters attend Dining for Women, they socialize with their closest friends, donate to a good cause and enjoy a delicious potluck. We have recently decided to begin inviting potential new members to these events to show them our professionalism and how we promote women in pharmacy.

How does your chapter meet the Core Values of LKS?

Alpha Chapter upholds our core values in many ways. We display sisterhood through team bonding events and through mentorship through upper classmen to lower classmen and not just through Bigs and Littles. Scholarship is important to us, and we are sure to recognize sisters when they obtain certain academic achievements. Our Professional Chair keeps us involved in our community by planning service events throughout the year, including flu shot clinics and Cards for Kidz. We provide a comfortable environment in every sister gathering to encourage members to state opinions in a respectful manner, thus showing integrity. Lastly, Alpha Chapter advocates for all members to take part in event planning and to use their voices to promote leadership. We also recognize members in other clubs and professional organizations and support them by attending events they may have helped plan.

Erin RogalaChapter Spotlight: Alpha