Chapter Spotlight: Omicron Alumni

Get to Know Omicron Alumni Chapter!

About Omicron Alumni Chapter:

Our chapter was reactivated in 2014. Since then, we have been working hard to increase our membership and the engagement of our members. One of our main goals is to support our collegiate chapter. We have supported 9 students with travel funding to attend convention in 2016 and 2017, we offer a yearly $500 scholarship, and we provide mentorship and precepting to our collegiate chapter members.

How do you keep sisters involved and engaged?

This is a topic we are continuously working on with every meeting. Universally, it becomes harder to remain engaged once you have graduated. We are focusing on marketing to alumni members with our purpose to support our collegiate members. We are also trying to plan more social and sisterhood chapter events to attract new members. Starting in May 2017, we gave graduation gifts from the alumni chapter to the P4 graduating lambs to increase new grad engagement.

What is your most popular event?

Our most popular event has been around for several years and it is our annual LKS alumni/collegiate summer picnic held at an alumni member’s home on a lake. We enjoy networking, sharing stories, boating and eating copious amounts of food. One year, we even took cover in the basement together as we were under a tornado warning! In the summer of 2017, the LKS collegiate members held an e-board retreat before the picnic. Every spring we hold a collegiate-alumni brunch. On year, we combined this with a Lularoe fundraiser to support Project HOPE.

How does your chapter meet the Core Values of LKS?


We support our collegiate chapter by offering a yearly scholarship to support their schooling. We nominate other worthy members of awards for which we feel they are deserving of.


We provide support to our collegiate chapter by attending Hygeia Day events, the collegiate initiation ceremony, volunteering and precepting at community events. Also, we have started to increase our alumni chapter fundraising efforts to support Project HOPE.


Our members value their sisters and women in pharmacy and want to remain active with LKS. This is the core of our sisterhood. Our members put in great efforts to attend our alumni meetings quarterly, and it provides a great way to foster sisterhood years after graduation.


Each member we have upholds our letters to the highest standard, and we wear them proudly as we practice pharmacy to the best of our abilities.


Many of our members are leaders within their workplaces and the community. Our members are pharmacy managers, serve on committees with professional organizations and hold offices in other professional organizations. Some have also served nationally for LKS either on Grand Council or as a Region Supervisor.

Erin RogalaChapter Spotlight: Omicron Alumni