Collegiate Chapter Awards

Fraternity Awards

Lambda Kappa Sigma offers the following awards to collegiate chapters. All are awarded annually at convention.

Anniversary Awards
Honors chapters for their support and loyalty to LKS for 25, 50, 75 or 100 years.
Deadline: N/A. Award is automatically given to qualifying chapters.

Chapter and Regional Chapter of the Year Awards
Awarded to chapters based on specific scoring criteria, such as chapter management, submission of materials to the Headquarters Office, participation in professional and outreach programs, promotion of scholarship and leadership, and attendance at convention. In order to be considered for the award, chapter officers must complete the Chapter Annual Report by its deadline.
Deadline: N/A. Award is automatically given to qualifying chapters.

Advisor Award
Recognizes a Fraternity or Faculty Advisor of Lambda Kappa Sigma for outstanding service and dedication to the chapter.
Deadline: April 30. (Winner will be notified in June and will receive a complimentary registration to National Convention where the award will be presented.)

Chrysanthemum Awards
The fraternity flower serves as a metaphor for our chapters: the roots are alumni who provide a strong foundation, the stem represents current members who contribute to the framework for new and continual growth, and the blossoms are the new members who have been allowed to grow, develop and flourish from the support of the roots and stem. To receive a Chrysanthemum Award, a chapter must meet the minimum requirement of 10% growth from the previous year in the categories of member retention or member recruitment.
Deadline: N/A. Awards are automatically given to qualifying chapters.

LKS Core Values Poster Presentation & Competition
Throughout the school year, LKS collegiate chapters plan many professional, leadership and outreach programs which demonstrate the Fraternity’s Core Values of Integrity, Sisterhood, Leadership, Service and Scholarship. At the annual convention, chapters are encouraged to present a poster to all LKS members highlighting one of their events

Deadline: April 30. (Posters are annually presented and voted on at convention.)

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