Christine Perry

Christine Perry

Christine Perry is the Manager of Pharmacy Recruiting and College Relations for the Shaws Osco, ACME Savon, and Safeway divisions of Albertsons Pharmacies, a company she started working for in 1984. Christine graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 1991 with her BS in Pharmacy and minor in Pharmacy Business Administration. Since college, she has been active with many pharmacy organizations on a national, state, and local level. Christine served for 16 years on Grand Council, including 6 years as Grand President. She served as President of the Massachusetts Pharmacist Association and is a member of Phi Lambda Sigma, serving as their speaker of the house in 1991. Christine is active with APhA, where she has served as an association officer and committee member. She is the recipient of numerous professional awards for service and leadership to the profession of pharmacy. Christine was initiated in Alpha Chapter in 1987 and is a member of the Alpha Alumni Chapter.

8:00 am - 11:00 am
Granby Salons ABCD

Leadership Program Sponsored by Albertsons’ Pharmacies: Presented by Christine Perry

Today's leaders are facing new leadership challenges. What worked in the past does not guarantee success in the future because our world has changed. This program will focus on how we can adapt, motivate, lead and find new ways to allow teams to contribute in different ways and get the work done. When the work we do is aligned with our gifts, we perform to our potential.

Leadership Panel: Building a foundation to enrich your pharmacy practice. Hear from pharmacy leaders who will share details about their diverse cultural backgrounds and how to use that knowledge to be a better pharmacist.