How To Start A Chapter

Starting your own chapter of Lambda Kappa Sigma is an easy seven-step process:

  1. Interested students, faculty or campus administrator should fill out the ‘New Chapter Inquiry Form’ to notify the Fraternity about the interest in activating an LKS chapter on campus and to acquire all supporting documents and materials.

  2. The group must obtain permission from the campus to pursue the activation of a nationally-affiliated chapter

  3. Once interest on campus has been established, a Fraternity representative will be assigned to the group to aid in the establishment of an organized group on campus. This LKS club or “colony” can begin to hold regular organizational meetings.

  4. The club holds elections to elect a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and other officers as deemed necessary and submits a roster of club officers to the LKS Headquarters Office.

  5. The club drafts a set of bylaws and submits them to the LKS Grand Council via the Headquarters Office.

  6. The club selects a faculty and a Fraternity advisor and submits their names and contact information to the LKS Headquarters Office.

  7. The club petitions the LKS Grand Council to charter a chapter after successfully operating as a colony for at least one year.

The Grand Council and Headquarters Office of Lambda Kappa Sigma offer support and information to you at all times. In addition, a Region Supervisor is appointed to guide your group through the process. The club is encouraged to participate in professional and community service programs, to become involved in college activities and to honor outstanding members of the group. You will proudly be able to stand together and celebrate the chartering of your own Chapter!

Contact the LKS Headquarters Office at for more information.

Erin RogalaHow To Start A Chapter