Justine Dickson

Meet The Grand Vice President of Collegiates

Chapter of Initiation: Alpha Beta

Alumni Chapter: Alpha Beta Alumni

Educational Background:
BS in Pharmacy Studies, UCONN School of Pharmacy, May 2009

Doctor of Pharmacy, UCONN School of Pharmacy, May 2011

Current Employment: Boston Medical Center

Fraternity Experience: Northern New England Region Supervisor (2014-2018)

Professional Memberships:

  • Lambda Kappa Sigma, Alpha Beta Alumni Chapter member, Northern New England Region Supervisor 2014-2018, Educational Grants Committee, Awards Nominations and Selection Committee (Chair 2014-2018), Communiations Committee, WHI Committee, Contributor to BGT publication (Lamb for Life feature)
  • New England Transplant Pharmacist Network member
  • American College of Clinical Pharmacy, AmbCare PRN and IMTR PRN members, Amb Care PRN newsletter and survival guide committee 2013-2014

Interests and Community Activities:

  • Drug Take Back Day at BMC
  • Dinner with a Pharmacist – Boston Area Health Education Center
  • Small business owner – Etsy store (trinkettrovedesign)

Grand Council Goals:

My goal as GVPC would be to serve as a supportive role for Region Supervisors, and in turn, serve the students as they are the foundation of our organization. As a recent Region Supervisor and someone who works closely with residents and students as a preceptor in my job, I find helping them develop to be the most rewarding. I found a number of challenges while I was Region Supervisor that I believe could be improved as they seem to still be issues today.

Encouraging Region Supervisors to feel a part of Grand Council – This is something that I found imperative to my growth as an alumni member, but also very important to be a voice of the students to the Grand Council. Many Region Supervisors may feel that they don’t belong on GC conference calls, however, they are the connection to the students. They are the reason why we are all here. They are the voice we need to hear from when making decisions, and it’s imperative that they are there to hear what is going on and speak up when they have concerns.

Streamlining RS visits – I’d like to work with the Grand Treasurer to see if there are fiscally responsible ways that we can complete RS visits in a timely fashion. This may require some restructuring or rethinking of regions, the proximity of chapters to RS, length of visits, doubling up on visits, virtual visits, and reviewing what is being done during the visits. This will also require a potential redesign of the true purpose of visiting a chapter, aligning it more with helping to develop the chapter, and less on filling out the very long document that is currently required.

Member Manual – It was due to be updated 3-4 years ago and has yet to be completed. I would look to complete this task and get it out to the students so they can utilize it before the information in it is out of date again.

Development of Region Supervisors – I believe being an RS is the beginning point to many future Grand Council careers. I would hope to work with an engaged group of RS that is as invested in the fraternity as I am and would work to incorporate them into planning convention, writing articles, etc as a way for them to continue to be involved in LKS at a high level.

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