Region Supervisors

Meet Your Region Supervisors!

Chelsea McDonnell Region 1 Alpha, Alpha Rho, Xi, Beta Alpha

Deborah Ebbinghaus Region 2 Beta, Alpha Beta, Alpha Eta, Beta Beta

Haley Breski Region 3 Pi, Alpha Alpha, Alpha Pi

Morgan Montgomery Region 4 Alpha Theta, Alpha Phi, Alpha Chi

Erika Zarfoss Region 5 Delta, Tau, Alpha Omicron, Beta Gamma

Lexie Panek Region 6 Alpha Iota, Phi, Alpha Zeta

Isabelle Litvak Region 7 Omicron, Alpha Mu, Nu

Carrie Cicirale Region 8 Alpha Kappa, Alpha Nu, Alpha Omega, Beta Delta

Abbey Barazi Region 9 Lambda, Alpha Xi, Alpha Lambda

Duties and Responsibilities of Region Supervisors

Region Supervisors are alumni members appointed by Grand Council each biennium to help advise chapters and report to Grand Council on how chapters are doing. Each Region Supervisor is in charge of the 3 chapters in their region. Chapters are expected to communicate regularly (at least monthly) with their Region Supervisor, including sending minutes after each meeting, attending their monthly phone check-ins, and communicating any successes or challenges.

  • To provide an opportunity for the chapter to evaluate the current state of their chapter, including administration and management, fiscal responsibility, and goals and objectives.
  • For Region Supervisors to share ideas, observations and suggestions with chapters on administration, programs, activities and challenges.
  • To serve as a liaison between the chapter and Grand Council.
  • To foster a better understanding of Lambda Kappa Sigma through an exchange of ideas among chapters.
  • Chapter Files. The Region Supervisor will review the chapter files. In preparation for the visit, chapter must ensure that all Chapter File Contents are available for review. If items are missing, you must document why.
  • Fraternity Climate. What is the morale of the chapter? Does a true sense of sisterhood exist among the members, alumni, advisors, etc.? Are there existing cliques or significant numbers of non-motivated members?
  • Membership Development. How is the member recruitment program organized and is it successful? Does the chapter provide an organized program for new members? Who is responsible for and involved in these programs? Is an effort made to stimulate leadership, set goals and organize projects within the orientation class? Are the positive aspects of membership emphasized and are efforts made to fully develop the leadership potential of each new member? Are there any activities that might be considered hazing?
  • University and Community Relations. When and how does the chapter function within the university and local community? What are the chapter’s service activities to the school? To the community? Stewardship and service activities of individual members? Participation of the chapters in college councils or university-wide activities? Cooperative activities with other campus fraternities and organizations?
  • Relationship with and Service to the Profession of Pharmacy. What are the chapter’s professional activities? Cooperative activities with other professional organizations? Efforts to enhance the public image of the profession of pharmacy?
  • Leadership and Scholarship. Is there participation of members in campus or college activities with leadership opportunities? What efforts are made to promote scholarship and intellectual development? Recognition of members with high academic achievement (Dean’s list, Rho Chi, Phi Lambda Sigma, etc.)? Submit eligible members as recipients of Ethel J. Heath Scholarship Key?
  • Chapter Goals, Objectives, Planning and Evaluation. What are the chapter’s goals and objectives for the coming year and the long-term? Are retreats or meetings for the entire chapter used to develop the goals and objectives? Is there a plan of action to fulfill the goals? Is the plan reviewed regularly by the chapter and officers?
  • Chapter Organization. What is the chapter structure of officers? Normal election procedure? Quality of chapter by-laws? Is there are written statement of officer duties and responsibilities (officer notebooks)? New officer orientation? Do the chapter officers meet regularly? Are chapter meetings held regularly? Do chapter advisors attend meetings regularly?
  • Relation with Resource People. How does the chapter encourage and utilize participation of alumni and friends of the Fraternity? Of their faculty and fraternity advisors? Activities and contacts with parents? Activities with local alumni chapter or area alumni members who may not be organized into a chapter?
  • Financial Management. Are the financial records detailed, current and accurate? Is there an annual budget and is it reviewed monthly? In there an annual audit? Does the chapter advisor participate in the audit? Are the bills paid on time? Isa the chapter fiscally responsible? State the procedure for payment of bills, international dues and the collection of accounts receivables.
  • Relationship to and Participation in the International Fraternity. Are dues and reported submitted to the IO on time? Does the chapter participate in national and regional LKS programs? Does the chapter contribute to the Blue and Gold Triangle? Exchange visits with other LKS chapters? Submit nominations for international awards? Contribute to the LKS Educational Trust?

It is the chapter’s responsibility to establish a visitation schedule. The Region Supervisor should meet with all officers, attend a chapter meeting, and meet with the dean of pharmacy, dean of students, and any other school officials deemed necessary and possible.

After the visit, both the Region Supervisor and chapter officers complete evaluation forms.

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