New Grads

Welcome to the Pharmacy Profession!

You Are a Lamb for Life!

Until now, LKS may have seemed like an extra-curricular school activity, but Fraternity programs and events have helped you to develop leadership and professional skills. Along the way, you’ve established a network of friends and professional connections that you should continue to enrich.

As you leave your campus and chapter, beginning a new phase of your life, the bonds of LKS sisterhood are more important than ever! There are thousands of initiated alumni members throughout the country who can serve as invaluable resources for information about the city where you are moving to or about the area of pharmacy you are going to pursue.

Use the Member Portal to look up alumnae near you and reach out to them!

Don’t Become a Lost Lamb!

We hope you will experience much success and personal fulfillment in your future endeavors. We also welcome you as a new alumni member of LKS!

As an alumni member, LKS will continue to support you as you hone your skills as a pharmacist and a leader among professional women. LKS will also help you to solidify meaningful relationships with others who are striving, just like you, to become the best pharmacists, friends, and women they can be.

We sincerely hope that you will continue your LKS membership. We understand that new practitioners have a lot of expenses, so LKS extends to recent graduates one FREE year of alumni membership (a value of $140!).

In addition to the other benefits of alumni membership, you will receive the Alumni News, your source on what’s happening with your LKS sisters everywhere.

To activate your alumni membership and take advantage of your FREE first year’s alumni dues, complete this online form.

Erin RogalaNew Grads