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Educational Trust History


Early in the history of the Fraternity, it was recognized that members would benefit from a program of financial support to help defray the growing costs of attending pharmacy programs. Beginning with funds from the general treasury, the first LKS Scholarship (now known as the Cora E. Craven Educational Grant) was given in 1962.  Ten years later, in 1972, the first Dr. B. Olive Cole Graduate Educational Grant was established.

The Lambda Kappa Sigma Educational Trust was established in 1974 for the purposes of perpetuating a financial program to assist members in reaching their goals in pharmaceutical education. An Educational Grant Selection Committee and Standing Rules were adopted at the 1976 Biennial Convention in Toledo, Ohio. Effective with the 1978 Biennial Convention in Albany, NY, the Cora E. Craven, and Dr. B. Olive Cole Educational Grants have been funded by the LKS Educational Trust.

In 1986, the Mary Connolly Livingston Educational Grant was also created and funded through the Trust. In 1994, 1998 and 2003 respectively, the Norma Chipman Wells, Adele Lobraico Lowe and Marilyn & Joe E. Haberle grants were established and funded by the Trust.


Educational Grants Program

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Educational Trust Management

Oversight of the Trust is provided by the Trust Liaison Committee. This group monitors financial and policy aspects of the Trust and works closely with the Grand Council to establish the number and amount of the Educational Grants provided each Biennium.

To maximize growth of the core finances within the Trust and ensure continuity and perpetual oversight of funds, several chapters transferred individual chapter scholarship dollars for management by the Trust. Those funds are owned by the chapter but benefit from financial management and favorable interest rates. All LKS chapters are encouraged to make such arrangements within the framework of the Trust.


Trust Liaison Committee

Tiffany Vicars, Chair
Afton Wagner
Iva Keene
Creaque Charles
Kim Hancock
Mary Grear
Starlin Haydon-Greatting
Mary Meredith

Michelle McCarthy


  • Our Educational Trust is necessary for many deserving students who need help for their education. It is a tax deduction for givers and is tax free for receivers. It could not be easier for donations to help many LKS students or for friends to help their tax bottom line. –Portia Devore, Phi Chapter, 60-year member

  • The reason I have always contributed to the Educational Trust is to memorialize our family that is passing all too swiftly. Any event in the family can be paid forward with a contribution to the Educational Trust for those coming after us. They can receive help to keep our profession and Fraternity purpose alive for the future. –Marcia Harms, Phi Alumni Chapter

  • The Educational Grants program is one of the most important singular member benefits of the Fraternity, and the funding for these grants is provided by the Educational Trust. While I did not receive a grant when I was in school, I have received priceless benefits through my membership in LKS, through networking opportunities and educational programming. Donating to the Educational Trust is an easy way for me to pay it forward for future generations of our profession and our Fraternity. –Jennifer Rhodes, Rho Chapter, TLC Chair and Past Grand President

  • I enjoyed the benefits of my years in pharmacy and later with LKS. and I want to help others have a similar experience. I also want to continue to support the Fraternity in providing great programs for members. –Marilyn Haberle, Alpha Zeta Alumni Initiate, Past Grand President and past TLC Chair

  • I give because it is important to continue the tradition that was established to create money for scholarships for those students in need. It is about nurturing our future pharmacists to carry on the principles and ideals of our Fraternity. –Gloria Bernstein, Nu Chapter, past member of Grand Council and past TLC member

  • I give to the LKS Educational Trust to honor those women who had the foresight to believe in our future by supporting our youth. The future of our profession lies with our future leaders, and we as alumni need to support them any way we can. Supporting the Trust allows us the opportunity to continue our mission of advancing our sisters in pharmacy. –Petra Fippen, Phi Alumni Chapter, TLC member

  • I give to the Trust because I love that the money raised is not only for scholarship recipients. I appreciate that the Trust is able to sponsor educational and professional programming and that it is for everyone. While I never won a scholarship myself, I get so excited seeing all the students who apply each year. I’m proud to be a part of something that helps ease the burden of pharmacy school. –Elicia Fauvel DeParolesa, Alpha Alumni Chapter, TLC Secretary

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