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LambTaLKS Podcast is the premier women in pharmacy podcast dedicated to providing consistent engaging content for Lambda Kappa Sigma members and the pharmacy community at large.

Co-Hosts Justine Dickson, Sara Kheboian, and Letitia Warunek will guide conversations and conduct interviews with guests on each episode. Guests will be sisters (alumni or collegiate) in the Fraternity (or occasionally may be others) who have an expertise or background they are willing to share with the Fraternity. Guests will be announced prior to recording the episode so that members can be part of the interview process.

Meet Justine, Sara and Letitia!

Justine Dickson, PharmD, RPh, BCACP

Justine works as an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist at a Kidney Transplant Clinic in Massachusetts. She is originally from Alpha Beta Chapter, and is now part of the Alpha Beta Alumni Chapter!

Sara Kheboian, PharmD, RPh

Sara works as a Community Pharmacist at Osco Pharmacy in Maine. She was originally from Alpha Chapter, and is now active in the Alpha Alumni Chapter!

Letitia Warunek, PharmD, BCPS

Letitia is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the Wilkes University Nesbitt School of Pharmacy. She is originally from the Alpha Phi Chapter, and is now a member of the Alpha Phi Alumni Chapter.

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How Can Listeners Contribute?

Do you have a pharmacy-related question you’d like us to answer on air? Got an idea for a future episode topic? Is there someone you think we should interview? Please let us know!

It is encouraged that members submit questions, offer to be guests, or recommend others sisters to be guests. Everyone has a potential path, story, or unique skill set and the goal is to highlight these with LambTaLKS. 

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