Outstanding Members

Celebrating Excellence: Sandy Mitchell Receives the 2023 Lambda Kappa Sigma Award of Merit

In the world of pharmacy, there are exceptional individuals whose contributions to the field and unwavering dedication to their community stand as a testament to the true spirit of the profession. One such remarkable individual, Sandy Mitchell, has been bestowed with the prestigious Lambda Kappa Sigma Award of Merit, a recognition that highlights her exceptional

Celebrating Excellence: Marissa Salvo Receives the 2023 Lambda Kappa Sigma Vanguard Leadership Award

In the world of pharmacy, leadership is not just about guiding others—it’s about embodying a commitment to excellence, education, and advancement within the field. One individual who exemplifies these qualities is Dr. Marissa Salvo, an exceptional pharmacist, educator, and leader who has left an indelible mark on the profession. Nominated for the prestigious 2023 Lambda

Celebrating Excellence: Jewel Konja Receives the 2023 Lambda Kappa Sigma Collegiate of the Year Award

It is with great honor and pride that we announce Jewel Konja as the recipient of the esteemed Collegiate of the Year Award—an honor that celebrates her remarkable leadership, exceptional contributions, and genuine commitment to the spirit of LKS. Throughout her tenure as President of Omicron Chapter, Jewel consistently displayed a passionate commitment to excellence,